With our help, your financial freedom is achievable. Omeno will teach you the required skills to trade with Forex & CFDs.
You deserve it.

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Founder & CEO

Charles Hutchinson


After running several successful businesses, Charles wanted to start something which is not just beneficial for himself, but for everyone. While brainstorming with co-workers, an idea of combining cryptocurrency and CFD markets was born. Later, Omeno was born.

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Stanley M. Jacobson


With Stanley’s young and bright mind, new ideas just keep coming. He is the guy who came up with almost all the features of Omeno. Stanley has run several his own businesses before and he knows exactly how to make businesses succeed. Currently, he is our Business Developer.

Finance & Strategies

Bradley Pickett


Numbers need to be in control, professionally. That’s why Omeno’s financial side is taken care of by Bradley.

Lead Developer

Brandon Williams


No-one is that good in programming languages, as it is Brandon. He’s the wonder guy who brings our dreams alive.

Marketing Specialist

Janina Shuster


Janina will bring the success to us thanks to her incredible skills in the marketing field. She knows how to reach people.

Strategic Advisor

Christopher Collins


Technical Advisor

Jayden Carey

Financial Advisor

Markus Baumgaertner