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Can’t decide either?

Omeno Signals is here to help!

Omeno Trading Signals

See which trades do experts make in real time!

See Experts Live Trades

You can see live trades from hundreds of experts. To help you to choose the right expert to follow, we have provided a lot of statistical data on each expert profile.

Learn From The Trades

Most experts are not just showing you their trades, they also explain the trades made. This way, you can learn from each trade, and soon enough you're expert by yourself.

Copy Expert Trades

Easiest way is to simply copy the expert trades. This way, you don't even need to understand the markets, and could make successful trades. You can start trading right now.

Automate Your Trades

It's like magic, when your chosen expert makes a trade, robots will automatically make the same trade on your account. Is there any easier way to make successful trades?

How does it work?

Omeno signals have user-friendly interface and it’s easy to use.

1. Find the experts.

See the list of experts in Omeno Portal.


There are hundreds of experts in the list, and most of them make trades almost every day. If you’d like, you can follow all the experts. If you are already expert, why not start sharing your trades? For the beginners and just curious people, we have made the list of traders. You can choose which traders to see in the list and sort them however you like. Our system automatically finds out which assets are most popularly traded by you, and then will automatically show you the traders who trade with similar assets first in the list. You can switch this feature off, and sort the expert in just the way you like.

2. Which trader to trust?

See verifications and reviews.


There are many traders out there, and you simply can’t trust everybody. Our portal will, of course, ask traders to verify themselves in every way possible, and will block the fraudulent users. But still, there’s a risk, especially with the newly registered users. That’s why we success you to follow few tips. Choose the traders with higher success rate. Read reviews left for the expert. Choose traders with higher verification level. Prefer Omeno experts, to regular ones. If you see small Omeno logo right next to the traders’ name, then you can be sure this is the most trustworthy expert available.

3. See detailed statistics.

See how well have the expert traded before.


Omeno platform will automatically collect different information from each trader and will put this all together into traders profile. Based on the statistic, Omeno will calculate different numbers, which you can use before making the decision to follow the trader. You can also see personal information about the expert, and write them messages. From statistics, you can see everything, from last trade profitability, until how much time has the expert spent on Omeno platform. Of course, it will show the trades success rate, and how many trades have the expert made.

4. See open trades.

See which trades are currently open.


Finally, if you have found the perfect trader to trust, see which trades are currently opened. Or go to the traders’ chat room, and find out about the new trades, he plans to open. In the chat room, you can communicate with the trader and with other people who are following the expert. In open trade section, you can see currently opened trade positions and exact information about its performance. Also, you can see all the previously opened and closed trades. All the trades contain information about opening time, closed time, open rate, target rate, stop-loss, close rate, performance %, time opened and much more.

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