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Omeno Learning Centre

Learn trading strategies & tricks online, easily and conveniently.

Take Trading Courses Online

From Omeno Portal, you will find the courses, which are perfect for you. Whether you are just a beginner or experienced, you'll find the right course.

Participate In Live Lessons

The best experts will give live trading courses, where you can easily participate. In live lessons, you can chat with the teacher and other followers.

Practice In Demo Mode

After every lesson, you can instantly practice your just learned skills. Practice In demo mode, where you can trade in real markets, but with demo funds.

Complete Different Tests

In learning center, you can complete different tests to practice strategies and theory. There are also fun games, which helps you to memorize strategies even better.

How does it work?

Omeno signals have user-friendly interface and it’s easy to use.

1. Choose your way.

See different learning ways in Learning Centre.


Learning may be hard. And it’s especially hard when you need to learn basic and boring text. A theory is always boring. But, what if you could learn in the way you’d like. Well, you can, in Omeno Portal, there are different learning ways and you can choose your favorite. In this way, it’s actually possible to learn the boring theories, which may be so useful in the future. Choose learning way between fun, graphical, videos, games, and basic theory.

2. Choose a course.

From wide selection, choose your preferred course.


For each learning way, there are multiple courses available, so you could learn exactly that which you need. No need to start from the beginning when you already have the basic knowledge. If you need to learn Forex trading, then choose forex and start. Before choosing the course, you can see how many chapters it includes and how many time it will take to complete. If you want, you can skip chapters and finish the course faster. If you want to learn more, you can start other courses also. There’s no limit, in how many courses you can participate.

3. Follow the course.

Complete all steps, the course takes.


Almost all our courses are interactive, and will tell you exactly what to do, and when to do. You need to simply follow the guide and complete all the steps it requires you to take. Before the new lesson, it will show you which will you learn in the course, and if you already are familiar with given topic, you can simply skip the course and continues with the next one. At the end of each chapter, there’s usually a simple test, to control if you memorized the course or not. If not, you can start over from the beginning whenever you want.

4. Complete tests & Practice.

After each chapter, there are tests you can complete.


At the end of each course, there’s a test, where you can check if you memorized everything you need. Tests are useful and also interactive, to make the learning process as fluent as possible. If you complete all the tests at the bottom of each course, but you are not ready to play in the real markets yet, then you can choose from course, tests, where there is a special test made for you. If you complete all these, then you are ready to trade in real markets. At first, you don’t need to trade with your real money in real markets, you better use our demo mode for practice.

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