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You know exactly what to do?

Show your skills, and earn a decent income.

Omeno For Experts

Give trading signals or teach beginners.

Give Trading Signals

There are a lot of people out there and just losing on leveraged markets. They have nobody, who would help them. And they are ready to pay for a simple trading signal. Give signals, and earn money.

Teach Beginners Online

You know some great graph analysis tool? Or you have some trading secrets, which generate income for you. Why keep these on yourself, if you can share these with others? Teach beginners and earn money.

Be Active In Communities

Whether you are making live podcasts, or just helping others out in communities, being active is beneficial for you. For active experts, Omeno will give rewards, each week. Also, other users can tip you, and if you help them, then why they shouldn't?

Organize Local Meetups

Everything don't have to be online. If you're really good spokesperson, then why not organize an local event? You can meet your followers and other enthusiast in real life, and reveal them your best trading secrets.

How does it work?

Omeno signals have user-friendly interface and it’s easy to use.

1. Start giving trading signals.

Show others which trades are you making.


You are trading, every day, multiple times. You are smart and most of your trades are successful. Although, the trades you make doesn’t generate you the income you want. Or you just don’t want to risk with your real money on leveraged markets. Well, then just start giving trading signals. Show other which trades are you making. Each follower you gain will pay you, your daily follower fee. Most popular traders earn thousands of dollars just simply by showing their trades to other. If you also explain your trades and help others, you can earn even more.

2. Earn trust badges.

Become popular by earning trust points.


You can start easily, and for few days, we are promoting the new experts to others for free. This is a great way to build up your community and gain followers. Make good trades and your ranking will rise every day. Get good feedback, and let others leave you reviews and give you five-star ratings. This all will help you, but to get more trust badges, follow the full verification process, and send us list of your previous trades. Soon enough, you will get trust badges, and your way to the top can begin.

3. See detailed statistics.

See how well you perform.


Omeno platform will automatically collect different information from each trader and will put this all together into traders profile. Based on the statistic, Omeno will calculate different numbers, which you can use to improve your trades. From statistics, you can see everything, from last trade profitability, until how much time have you spent on Omeno platform. Of course, it will show you your trades success rate, and how many trades have you made. Everything you see from statistics influences your position. Improve yourself and soon you are again at the top of the traders.

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It’s time to start using Omeno’s features.


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