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Omeno Portal


Omeno Portal is the main feature of all Omeno. Omeno Portal will provide you with required assets to become a successful trader. Omeno Portal is the main platform for Omeno, where are most other features located. Also, Omeno Token is mainly in use in Omeno Portal.

Trading Signals


One of Omeno Portal features is trading signals, where you can see LIVE trades of known experts. These are the people, who trade every day on different Forex and CFD markets to make their living. You can see which trades they make, and copy these.

Automated Trades


One of Omeno Portal features is automated trades on different trading platforms. If you have found the experts to trust, and you are too lazy to manually follow their trades. Just use an automation with your settings, which will automatically duplicate experts trades in real time.

Learning Center


One of Omeno Portal features is learning center, where you can learn different trading strategies and tricks by yourself. In learning center, there are multiple different courses available and everybody can choose their own way how to learn.



One of Omeno Portal features is communities. These are local or online communities, which orientates especially on trading. Omeno Portal is the only platform, which provides such feature. There are different features available for each community, to make sharing and discussing trading even more easier.



One of Omeno Portal features is the contest, where people can test their skills or simply have some fun with the games. In contests section, you can trade on real markets with demo fund, and after that win some real money. Or you can simply compete with your friends in trading games.



In Omeno Portal, part of Omeno Contests is the challenges feature.  This is the feature where you can compete with your friends in different trading games or ask them to challenge with them to find out who is the best. In challenge section, you don’t need to trade by yourself or play games, you can simply choose the experts from Omeno Portal, and create your own unique dream team.



One of Omeno Portal features is LIVE Podcasts, where experts can make live streams of how they trade and which trades they make. Everyone can follow these experts and even ask questions of them, to get advice on your own trades. Different experts make podcasts all the time, you can see them all if you want.

Event Podcasts


One of Omeno Portal features is LIVE Podcasts of the trading events happening around the world. Event podcasts work together with Omeno Events, and Omeno will make sure the event like conference or seminar is streamed live to every Omeno user.

Portal Wallet


If you plan to use Omeno Portal features, you need to have some of your Omeno Tokens in your Omeno Portal wallet. Omeno Portal wallet is the most convenient wallet, where to store your Omeno Tokens. You can easily send and receive tokens, and all Omeno Portal transfers will be made with ZERO fee.

Personal Messages


One of Omeno Portal features is personal messages, where you can chat directly with other Omeno Portal members or with the experts. Even when chatting with friends, it’s useful, because you can keep the chat strictly professional. You can send personal messages to any Omeno Portal user.

Expert Portal


One of Omeno Portal features is the expert portal, where experts can share their trading opinions, and by doing that, earn some money. By becoming an expert, a lot of new Omeno Portal features will be opened for you, so you could easily start earning. Experts will earn cryptocurrencies.



For those who have a little more faith in the Omeno project and it’s token, we are offering investbox feature in Omeno Portal, where token holders can earn interest every month. Interests will be paid out in Ethereum.



If there are offers available, which requires accounts to be made, then these are available in Omeno Portal. Offers, where Omeno or some of the partners offer different benefits as a return of completing few steps, are available for every platform user.

Omeno Events


Special platform for real local events, related to trading. From Omeno Events, you can find events near you and meet like-minded people and trading experts. You can even organize your own event if you want and sell tickets for it. Omeno Events is also a tickets system, where you can easily purchase event tickets with cryptocurrencies.

Omeno Courses


If you prefer real-world meetings with people, instead of the online ones, you can use our real world course finder. Find real experts, who are ready to meet you in real life to teach you all the tricks and strategies. There are also courses with classes happening near you. Courses is part of Omeno Events platform.

Omeno Token


Omeno Token is next-generation cryptocurrency, running in Ethereum blockchain. It has most of the features like any other cryptocurrency, you can trade it and send it to others with seconds. Omeno Token is the main currency between all Omeno platforms. You can’t use Omeno features unless you have the Token.

Omeno Forum


Forum, which is specially built for discussing trading. Trading on CFD and Forex markets. Or any other leveraged asset, which allows us to earn bigger profits with less equity.

Omeno News


From Omeno main website, you will find the news section, where you can see the latest news, which may affect the price of different trading assets. If you don’t know which asset price will different news effect, then no worries, because our robots will automatically tell you that. They will also tell you which way the price will be affected.