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Join with online
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Find a community or start a new one.

Omeno Communities

Bring your local community online, or join with others.

See Online Trading Communities

Don't want to trade alone and want to ask advice from someone? Find a community, where people trade similar assets as you are. Or find completely new assets to trade.

Discuss Trading & Chitchat

Keep the trading community chat strictly for trading, and chat about everything else, in chitchat thread. Multiple chat treads are available for every single community.

Share Trading Analysis

Upload your trading graphs, or complete your chart in the Portal. For each trading analysis, a new chat tread will be created. To keep all different chats separated.

Start New Communities

You have local community, who needs an online tool or you just want to start a new international community, which trade assets like you. Start your community with one click.

How does it work?

Omeno signals have user-friendly interface and it’s easy to use.

1. Find a community.

See the list of communities in Omeno Portal.


Omeno Portal is the only platform, which gathers trading communities online. Even the local communities come online and use our convenient features. If you want to join a community, then just find your favorite from the list and join. It’s that easy. You can search for different communities or organize these by category. There are a lot of communities to choose from, biggest ones have ten thousands of members. Almost every community has also a few experts joined with them. This makes communities more reliable and trustworthy.

2. Join a community.

Private communities need to approve your joining request.


Joining with most of the communities are just one simple click away. But there are also private communities, which are not publically seen. Joining with private communities are bit harder, either you need an invitation link or you need someone from the community to approve your joining request. If you are the community owner, you can also put a fee on the joining, or establish a monthly fee, which each member of the community has to pay. Once you are the member, you can see and do everything in the community.

3. Chat & share your opinions.

Be active on community or simply see what others do.


Chatting and sharing opinions, and also criticizing are the things which make a community a real community. When you join with a community, make sure to share your opinions and discuss with others different topics. Even if you are just a beginner and don’t know much about trading, everybody wants to hear from you. If you help others, then others will help you. You can share your strategies and ask for help any time. For each trading analysis, a new chat thread will be created, so you can easily keep track of what others say about your trades.

4. Start your own community.

Bring your local community online or simply start a new one.


Even if there are a lot of communities available, each one is not perfect for you, or you simply don’t like the community terms. Luckily, you can easily start your own community. Creating a community costs nothing, and is available to everyone. Community creating feature is especially useful for people, who want to bring their local community online. Even if your local community members are not members of Omeno Portal, they can join your online community. Also, you can set the terms and even ask joining fee for your community.

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