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Highly volatile markets are every professional trader’s dream. If you make the right trades, you can win big, really big within minutes, or even with seconds. The best thing about trading with these is leverage, which different brokers offer. This means your trade value can exceed your capital many times. Up to 500x with some brokers. 

Become financially free with Omeno

Omeno will give you the tools needed to become a successful trader in leveraged markets

Omeno Portal

The main platform of Omeno


This is a place which helps everybody to become successful traders without the hassle. Omeno portal is useful for already successful traders and for just the beginners. Experts can share their opinions and teach the beginners. From Omeno portal you can find, trading signals, communities, learning center, quizzes, test, graph analyzing tools, demo trading, competitions, live streams and much more. Omeno portal will be the number one tool for you if you are planning to start trading with leveraged assets. No other platform can replace all these features.

Omeno Events

If you prefer real-life learning


There are a lot of events happening almost everywhere in the world. It’s hard to find events, which are actually useful to you. Omeno is the only site which will bring all the trading related events together into one place, so it’s easy for you to find & attend events near you. We are cooperating with different event organizers, and this is how we can offer special discounts for event tickets. Attend events where the world leading experts will reveal their trading secrets and strategies. You can purchase tickets to events easily with cryptocurrencies.

Omeno Forum

Specially made for trading discussions


A platform where everybody can freely express their feelings and share their opinions. Omeno forum is one of its kind, where all the discussions and all forum members are interested only in finance and trading. Everybody can share their trading strategies and charts and ask others opinion. Join like-minded people and start communicating freely with other traders and experts, who will support and soon you have become more confident about your tradings.

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